Company performance modeling

This project was to apply adaptive neuro fuzzy inference system on company management background data to predict company performance. The result helped our customer to publish a couple papers.

Hand writing classification

OCR has been in the market for years. This project was to create more advance model to improve the current classification methods. A few different type of machine learning was applied in this project. At the end, a new algorithm was used to improve the classification result.   

Cell counting image processing algorithm

Cell counting is a boring and time wasting task. Our customer asked us develop a method to help them to automatically count how many cells in a picture. MATLAB image processing toolbox was used in this project. 

Quadrotor system identification

Quadrotor is a new type flying machine. There was not too much of control method available. To help the customer create a better control system, we took the system identification task. After provided the customer the system model, the customer was able to create controller of the quadrotor.

System control using stepper motor

A control system was design based on customer's requirement. We applied fuzzy logic as the upper level controller for this project.

Brain signal analysis

The project was to identify features in Electroencephalography (EEG) signals using spectrum and advance classification methods, and then create a control method to use those signal to control external device.

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